Wacka Flocka caught cheating on wife again and the side chic is spilling all that went down – Video

Waka Flocka has been caught cheating on his wife Tammy again and a woman has come forward with receipts to claim she met and slept with Waka last month, a few days after his wife’s birthday.

Waka Flocka has been married to Love & Hip Hop’s Tammy Rivera since 2014 but their relationship has been plagued with cheating on Waka’s part. A woman who works as a dancer has now come forward to say she recently had sex with the American rapper.

The woman gave an interview online. She claims she met Waka at The Grand Sierra Resort in Reno Nevada, and the two hit it off. To prove her claims, she released the fan pic that she took when they met outside a club where Waka made an appearance. She also released a pic from outside of Waka’s alleged hotel room which was on the executive floor of the Grand Sierra Resort, a floor where only wealthy people can afford to stay and requires a key card to get up there.

The dancer claims they exchanged info after they initially met outside a club and they met later in the night in Waka’s room where they had sex.

The dancer knew that Waka was married, but says that he didn’t mention Tammy and his social media did not show photos of her, so she claims that she went ahead and slept with him.

Watch the proud side chic make the revelation in the interview below:

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