VIDEO: Malia Obama Goes Crazy at Music Festival, Rolls on Dirty Floor, Dancing!

Everytime Malia Obama is caught on camera, she is almost always doing something wild.

Last night, the 19-year-old daughter of former president Barack Obama was filmed at the ongoing Lollapalooza festival in Chicago, going completely apeshit- rolling on the floor, slamming her fist into the ground and generally doing what we want to believe is dancing.

And this has upset the internet.

Watch the clip:

This is not the first time she would make headlines after attending the festival which is held in her home state. In 2016, the eldest daughter of the Obama’s broke the internet after she was smoking what some identified to be a joint. Back then, many people faulted the kind of friends she keeps; friends who expose her at her private moments.

Now many people, especially within the black community, are upset with the video.

See some of the reactions:

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