Iggy Azalea Roasts Her Ex Nick Young for Criticising Her Twerking Videos

Iggy Azalea has never been one to cower from bullies, and when her ex Nick Young took to Twitter to diss her, she fired back and reminded him that his opinion of her does not matter.

Drama started after the Kream rapper shared a new video of her boarding a private jet over the weekend, and from the video, her friend is seen balancing a bucket of friend chicken on Iggy’s shapely derriere, before she began to twerk.

This is not the first time Iggy would be showing off her twerking skills and stirring mixed reactions on social media. However, this time, her ex-fiance Nick Young felt it was okay to diss her with false-sympathetic tweets in which he claimed his leaving negatively affected her.

“You have more to offer,” the basketballer tweeted, adding that twerking “is all you do now.”

Adding, “I’m sorry I turned you into that.”

Well, Iggy was having none of that diss because she replied, telling Alexa to play her shady songs. “Alexa play Kream,” she tweeted, referencing her latest song that promoted twerking. Adding, “Alexa, play back seat..fuck it juts play the whole ignorant art tape..then play trap gold. Thanks.”

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