Demi Lovato’s Assistant Reportedly Declared the Singer “Dead” After She Overdosed

TMZ is reporting that Demi Lovato’s assistant had thought she was dead after the singer was found unconscious from overdosing on drugs.

According to the media house, after the assistant panicked, screaming that Lovato was “dead”, a bodyguard rushed to Demi’s side and it appeared she was not breathing.

A source claimed that there was blood on her pillow that was evidence of hemorrhaging, and there was also vomit and her airways may have been clogged. But these didn’t deter the bodyguard, because he administered first aid to keep the singer alive before paramedics arrived.

“Based on what we’re told it appears the bodyguard propped Demi up and tried clearing her airway which allowed her to breathe,” TMZ adds.

Shortly after, paramedics arrived and administered Nacan which reverses the effects of an opioid OD.

Other sources tell TMZ that “the bodyguard, the assistant and others on Demi’s team were aware she had fallen off the wagon months before. As early as Coachella in April, we’re told Demi was “way out of it” at French Montana’s house party.”

Demi Lovato is still hospitalised.

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