50 Cent Explains Why He Took Back His Money After Making it Rain at a Strip Club

Yesterday, a video surfaced showing when 50 Cent grabbed all the money he had sprayed on a stripper at the Angels Club in New York, to the bemusement of everyone present.

The video quickly went viral, triggering major reaction from folks on social media.

It was unclear why the rapper did what he did; the video didn’t provide any context, because all that can be seen is 50 bending over and scooping up some money on the table, and then walking away.

#PressPlay Looks like #50cent had second thoughts ? via: @angelsclubnewyork

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A source told Page Six, “He [50 cent] took the money from the strippers’ dance floor and moved it to the bartenders because the dancers were trying to fight the bartenders over him.”

But 50 has spoken up.

According to the rap veteran, the stripper said something upsetting to him, triggering him to take his money back. “Shorty was mad about something. She said some shit. I said what’s wrong with her? Then I just said ‘fuck it’ I’m taking the money back.”

He continued, “Poor customer service. SMH. I’m gonna need a refund.”

See his comments below:

#50Cent explains why he took his shmoney back & needed a “refund” ?? [SWIPE]

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